Craftsy eGuide Giveaway: “Drawing the Human Body, A Primer!”

Craftsy is sponsoring Supersonic this week and today they’re offering a FREE downloadable eGuide, Drawing the Human Body, A Primer.”

This awesome eGuide covers a ton of ground dealing with the often troublesome issues of drawing the human body from hands all the way down to feet.  The eGuide includes plenty of step by step instructions as well as example drawings.  I’ve spent ages in the past looking for something like this online.  Craftsy’s classes and eGuides never expire so that you can visit and revisit them time and time again.

To download your free “Drawing the Human Body, A Primer” eGuide just head on over to Craftsy and Register.  It’s free! 


Jan Christian Bierpfaff, Alphabet of organic type from Libellus Novus Elementorum Latinorum, mid 17th century. Via flickr.

This ABC shows masterfully the new Rocaille ornament of the beginning Rococo period. It was designed by the Polish goldsmith Bierpfaff and engraved by his fellow Jeremias Falck.

(via betype)